DayZ Standalone Full Game & Keygen [Torrent]

We are pleased to announce that our site has the only one working DayZ Standalone Full Game & Keygen in the whole internet.

We noticed that there isn’t any working torrents or keygens ( hmm… 2 keygens maybe were working but they were outdated so we updated it ) so we decided to upload this. Feel free to download it. If you don’t believe if it’s working, noone force you to download it but u probably don’t know what are you missing. What is the point to pay €20 if you can download it for free without any worries?

v1.7 Changelog:

– any bugs fixed
– manual links added
– background image changed


1. Download DayZStandalone.rar
2. Run Torrent and download the game
3. Install the game
4. Run Keygen.exe
5. Make sure you are online
6. Click “Generate
7. Copy the key
8. Run the game, paste the key and play game.







Download DayZ Standalone Full Game & Keygen [Torrent]
100% legit and virus free


Trailer below:


Got some problems? Read How to download

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September 04, 2015

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